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Gearboxes are used in an extensive range of industries. Due to the use of a gearbox, a sizeable rotational force can be generated with a slight rotational force (torque), and slow rotation can be accelerated. In many industries, gearboxes, which are devices for transmitting mechanical power, are essential equipment. This boost unit is:

The heart of wind turbines
On-board gearbox
Ferris wheel reducer

By providing these gearboxes with bearings to support their most important function: “rotation,” CZPT believes it can even support the world.

However, since, in many cases, failure of the gearbox can have serious consequences, a very high level of reliability is required. Naturally, CZPT seeks to ensure that its designs closely match customer needs, and the company is always committed to improving product quality. CZPT bearings are characterized by long service life, low equipment maintenance costs, the ability to handle high loads and are very reliable.

CZPT will continue to exert its comprehensive strength. With environmental concerns in mind, the company will continue to work hard to develop products that provide next-generation bearings for more efficient transmissions and longer service life.

More than 20 years experience in research and development.

Including around 50 R&D Personnel

Total factory is 50,000 square meters



Practically all motors we supply can be combined with gearboxes. We offer the following options: 

  • straight boxes in combination with small AC and DC motors
  • planetary gearboxes: slack-absorption rod and a wide assortment (also in RVS) (Apex Dynamics)
  • hypocycloid: free of slack and with in-built bearings (Spinea)


Gearbox with hypocycloid cog wheels 


  • diameters 63 to 300 mm
  • transmissions: 35 to 191 in one step
  • coupling: 37 to 7,350 Nm
  • absolutely free of play through its hypocycloid cog wheels
  • integrated bearing for greater radial and tilt loads


    VF/W series
    Worm gear reducer


    VF and W series worm gearboxes can be easily integrated into most machines and installations. Due to the high torque in its compact design, high gear ratio applications in tight spaces are possible. Due to the design principle, the higher the gear ratio, the lower the efficiency. In many applications, it effectively avoids the need for a more expensive brake motor.

    VF-EP/W-EP series
    Enhanced protection worm gear reducer


    Worm gear reducers of the VF and W series also offer enhanced protection for use in corrosive environments. This EP (Enhanced Protection) version has been specially developed for the food and beverage and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This highly corrosion-resistant version is also used in marine and mining applications.

    Planetary gear units are often used in servo technology. This is because they have high efficiency and high precision, and are very compact. Gearing reduces speed and increases output torque. MCS has a wide range of CZPT gearboxes and the Italian manufacturer has guaranteed quality for decades.

    In addition, worm gear boxes are also available, which ensure right-angle transmission and are less expensive than planetary gearboxes. The disadvantage of this transmission is that it is also much less efficient and accurate.


    A gearbox, also known as a gearbox or gear reducer, is a closed system consisting of a series of gears integrated within a housing unit. Gearboxes are designed to transfer mechanical energy to operate and vary the torque and speed of drives such as electric motors. At CZPT, we have a wide range of industrial gearboxes including planetary, spur and oval gearboxes from leading industry brands.


    How does the gearbox work?

    Inside the gearbox, one of several different types of gears can be found – including bevel, worm, helical, spur and planetary gears. These gears are mounted on shafts and rotate on rolling element bearings.


    What types of gearboxes are there?

    The most common types of gearboxes are spur and planetary gears.

    Spur gear transmissions have straight teeth and are mounted on parallel shafts. Spur gear transmission provides high power transmission efficiency, constant gear ratio and no slip.
    The input and output shafts of the planetary gearbox are aligned. They are especially suitable for high torque and low speed applications.


    How is the gear ratio defined?

    The gear ratio is defined by the number of revolutions of the output shaft when the input shaft makes one revolution. When the gear ratio is 1:1, torque and speed are the same. If you increase the ratio to 1:4, the torque decreases and the maximum speed increases significantly. If you reverse it to a 4:1 ratio, the speed will decrease and the torque will increase.


    What is the gearbox for?

    Gearboxes are used in various applications depending on type and gear ratio. This includes machine tools, conveyor systems and elevators, as well as industrial equipment and mining applications. The turntable can use a right angle gearbox.



    We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service.
    We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information and cooperate with us.

    As a gearbox manufacturer, we supply high-quality gearboxes with many years of experience in the field, overhauling and repairing them. No more drawings available? no problem! We can always fully rebuild and restore the original drive. Our experts look at your transmission and recommend whether a major overhaul is profitable.


    Your machine needs high torque at low speeds? Our helical gearboxes are robust and universally applicable, and our planetary gearboxes are very precise.

    You have little space? No problem with our shaft mounted helical gearboxes.

    Do you need to transmit torque at an angle (90°) instead of linear? Then take a look at our high-efficiency bevel gearboxes.

    Are you looking for gearboxes for high precision servo applications? Our planetary gearboxes or bevel planetary gearboxes are the perfect choice.

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    Industrial gearboxes must perform well while being compact, precise, and efficient. Reliability and security are other aspects to consider. With its large transmissions and large mobile machines for industrial applications, ZF is considering these requirements. Thanks to the modular structure of the driven series, it can serve an extensive range of applications – from rolling mills and tunnel machinery to 800-ton mining excavators and more. A broad product range, high level of engineering expertise, decades of experience, highest production quality, and global service make ZF a valuable partner for applications in industrial drives.

    CZPT offers a full range of planetary gears for various applications, always perfectly matching the intended use.