Hydraulic PTO Drive Gearbox Speed Increaser



PTO Tractor Transmission

The gearbox series is mainly used to connect hydraulic pumps and power take-offs of agricultural tractors. This way, the PTO output (normalized to 540 or 1,000 rpm) is increased to the optimum operating speed of the hydraulic pump. RD series gearboxes are used to reduce hydraulic motor speed.
ML and B series transmissions connect the hydraulic pump to the low-speed tractor power take-off. The standard PTO speed of 540 rpm is increased by a gearbox ratio to achieve the optimum speed conditions required by the pump. Accepts different inputs for output speeds up to 3000 rpm.

PTO Speed Increase Gearboxes

Tractor Hydraulic PTO Drive Transmission

The gearbox is designed to connect the gear pump to an agricultural tractor power take-off (PTO). The output speed of the power take-off is 540rpm, which is comparable to the average working speed of the hydraulic pump. Different input speeds also apply, provided the transmission output speed does not exceed 3000 rpm.


The housing is made of cast aluminum or iron with high mechanical resistance.
Steel UNI 18 PCR M03. Short teeth guarantee very high resistance and very quiet operation.
Made of steel UNI 16 CRN4. They are connected to the gears by splined parts and are, therefore, better suited to withstand the torques specified in the catalog.
All torque figures mentioned in the PTO transmission technical chart refer to continuous duty cycles. Under intermittent operating conditions, torque may exceed 20%.
SAE 90 gear oil must be put into the PTO gearbox before use – please note that we do not supply gear oil and take no responsibility for customers not adding oil. Change the oil after the first 60-80 hours, then every 12 or 1500 hours per month, whichever comes first.
Please check the oil level through the dedicated oil window every 50 hours. The operating temperature should not exceed 120°C under a continuous duty cycle.
Pump assembly
Pump assemblies require half-couplings and mating flanges depending on specific requirements. Please specify the flange and shaft type when ordering. Contact our technicians when installing a dedicated pump.

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