wpa series reducer gearbox




Special function:
One. Covers and wheel cores are made of high-quality cast iron
b. Shaft made of wrought iron
C. The worm gear section is high-frequency machined to increase hardness.
d. Modulate input shafts to improve mechanical skills
e. Good regrinding distance, high dimensional accuracy, and low noise.
F. Compact structure, saving installation space.
G. The transmission is smooth, and the vibration is reduced.
H. High overload capacity
A generation. Preorder and postorder operations are often initiated.
j. High heat dissipation efficiency

main feature

1.1 The bottom plate must be flat and firm, and the bottom plate must be tightened to prevent vibration.
1.2 The connecting shafts of the prime mover, reducer, and operating device must be installed coaxially.
1.3 The diameter tolerance zone of the input and output shafts is H6, and the holes of accessories (such as couplings, pulleys, sprockets, etc.) must be properly matched with the shaft to prevent damage to the bearing due to loose fit.
1.4 Drive devices such as sprockets and gears must be installed close to the bearing to reduce the bending stress of the hanging shaft.
1.5 When assembling the WPD gear motor, the input hole and keyway of the warm shaft must be coated with an appropriate amount of butter to prevent the assembly from being too tight and rusting after long-term use.
1.6 When ordering or using various WPD models, if the weight of the motor is heavier than the ordinary motor, it needs to be matched.
2. Instructions for use
2.1 Before use, please carefully check whether the reducer model, distance, transmission ratio, input connection method, output shaft structure, input and output shaft direction, and rotation direction meet the requirements.